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The Entryway

This is how the entryway looked when we bought the place…

I wanted to get more use out of this space, so I added a bench, some storage space and a coat rack. We still have an entry table for flowers and keys, but I think it’s used more efficiently than before.

New paint came first.

Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore.

Rug came next.

The rug is from West Elm and was bought as a tester for the living room.  Turns out it was a perfect anchor for the entryway.

Addition of photos and entry table.

I enlarged four stunning photos my husband took during our cycling trip in Norway.  The table is from Room & Board…I think I need another one on the other side of the door, too.

For Like Ever

Color splash!

Tune in next week for Stairway to Haven.


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Project Bedroom

I have a specific vision of how I want our bedroom to look, feel and function.  That means…projects!

Our first project was painting the room.  I asked the painters to use a color called ‘Contemplation’ from Behr; a color we used in two bedrooms past.  When the painting was done, the color just didn’t seem right.  I discovered a couple weeks ago that the painters used a color called ‘Silver Sage’ from Restoration Hardware instead.   The color still creates the same calming effect, but it’s much greener than I wanted.  We can live with it, but lesson learned!

Next came the bed.  I wanted a canopy bed to lead the eyes up and make the ceiling look higher.  I saw a bed frame in an issue of Domino Magazine that we both loved.  It’s the Architecture Bed from Room and Board.  It’s awesome.

Storage was next.  Thanks IKEA!  Our townhome is a bit short on closet space, so we needed to fit some extra storage in somewhere.  You’ll see in the photos that we placed a freestanding wardrobe on each side of the bed.  I give credit to my husband for the color choice and wardrobe size.  He was spot on.

Bed frame with wardrobes.

We love the wardrobes, but they leave no space for bedside tables.  Thus, this weekend’s project was born.  I found some cool modular shelves from West Elm and attached them directly to the side of the wardrobes.  I have no qualms about drilling into IKEA furniture!  Now the search for bedside lamps begins.

Wardrobe sans shelves.


Project complete.

Full view.

The driftwood heart above the bed is from Sparrow & Co.  Mr. Sparrow personally collected the driftwood from the beach near his home in Scotland, and assembled the lovely heart.

Tune in next time for The Entryway…

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Duh, Blogging.

I may not have Adonis DNA, but I now have a blog.


  • Start blog about weekly home improvement projects (Status: Complete.)

Tune in next week for Project Bedroom…

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