Stairway to Haven

Our stairway has been screaming for some excitement since we moved in.  It’s been sitting blank and boring for far too long.  So, here is my weekend staircase project.  It actually took me two weekends to complete…well, a year and two weekends.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to stick with a neutral palette.  I first considered an all black and white scheme, and started collecting and gathering only black and white artwork.  But I decided some warmth would make a stronger connection between upstairs and downstairs.  Using a combination of brown, beige, black and white frames I was able to achieve my goal and still use all the black and white artwork.

Once I had a collection that was large enough, I went to work on some frames.  Years ago I went through a gold gilt frame phase.  Fortunately those days are over.  I spray painted the gold away without remorse.

With the artwork all framed, it was time for wall placement.  In the past I would have just eyeballed everything and started hammering away.  I mean who has the time, right?  Well, since I’m not hanging Gustav Klimt posters in a one bedroom apartment anymore, I decided I should think this through.  So, I dug out a Costco sized roll of wrapping paper and went to work.  By cutting out a piece of paper the size of each frame, it allowed me to arrange and re-arrange “artwork” on the walls without all the random nail holes.

Once I resolved the placement of each piece, the rest was easy.

I’m happy with the results, and see this as a great start to what I expect to be a continually evolving gallery.

We’ll get to those sconces in another post!


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One response to “Stairway to Haven

  1. Danica Bates

    Genius idea about the wrapping paper! I’m totally stealing it.

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