Dog-Gone It

About 6 months after we moved into our new home, we brought home a puppy.  Yes, that’s him up there staring back at you.  We have an unusually shaped pocket off our dining room that the previous owners used as an office/sitting area.  We saw it as the perfect puppy area.

For the past year, this has been Cassius’ home base; His Domain.  This is where he ate, hung out during the day (aka slept) and trained.  Now that he’s a year old, he is able to handle his freedom during the day and conduct himself responsibly outside of the gate.  And we, of course, want to reclaim the space.  So, down came the gate!

For the time being, I chose to turn the former puppy play pen into a sitting area. I always have my eye out for occasional chairs, and usually get discouraged by the outrageous price of them.  But when I found online a couple of tufted upholstered chairs on sale at Restoration Hardware, I got really excited.  They picked up the color and style of a living chair I already have, and did I mention they were on sale?  I knew they would be perfect for our new sitting area.  However, when they arrived, all I could think was that they were the perfect size for a hobbit.  No wonder they were on sale!  I set them up as I imagined anyway, but will likely use them elsewhere eventually.

I hung drapes to enhance the window.  The bookshelves are from Crate & Barrel and came from our last apartment.  The metal side table is, wait for it, IKEA circa 2003.

Sadly, Cassius didn’t like Mommy messing around in His Domain.  He would run downstairs every time I was tinkering in that area.  Ultimately, he made it very clear that he HATED the new decor.  Not only did he target the area as his new potty spot, but he decided to dismantle the decor as you can see below.

I think stripes on stripes is better, Mommy.

Currently, the new sitting area is pending a new plan.

Tune in next time for Adventures in Wallpapering…


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One response to “Dog-Gone It

  1. Danica

    I love how Cassius matches your decor. Was that strategic?

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