A Decorator’s Guide to the Galaxy

No projects this weekend, but lots of ideas.  I spent some time hunting and gathering inspiration for our bedroom, and some more time just staring at the walls.  Following are some fun references I like to turn to when thinking about new projects.

When the decorating publication Domino Magazine closed its doors in January 2009, I plunged into a deep, dark, decorating depression.  All I had to hold onto were stacks of past issues I’d been collecting for three years…the same issues that my husband actually had the nerve to suggest I throw away during our last move.  Blasphemy!  But there was a light at the end of the tunnel…the editors of Domino wrote a book!  Domino: The Book of Decorating: A Room-By-Room Guide to Creating a Home That Makes You Happy is my decorating bible.

Another bright light, and my current obsession, is Michelle Adams’ online publication Lonny Magazine.  Michelle is a former editor at Domino, so of course I LOVE her site www.lonnymag.com.  I sometimes order hard copies of the magazine, just in case.

I received my copy of the Design*Sponge book this week.  Yep, cover to cover in one sitting.  I can’t get enough of the “Sneak Peeks”.  And Grace Bonney, the creator/author, is an inspiration herself.

The Well-Dressed Home is one of my go-to books, too.  It makes so much sense; decorate your house the way you put an outfit together.  I love that.  It makes me think of the What Not to Wear mantra, “Color, pattern, texture, shine.  Color, pattern, texture, shine.”

I usually grab my books and magazines for inspiration first because the online decorating galaxy has a seemingly limitless amount of decorating blogs and websites.  Something from one site, leads to another site, that leads to a blog, where I read the name of a designer, which leads to a google search, and back to a blog, and another website, and so on.  It’s virtually impossible to avoid being sucked into the vortex.  It also means my Bookmarks list is totally out of control.  I won’t bore you with my list of favorites, but I’d love to hear what your go-to decorating site(s) is!

Weekend Decorator is going on vacation, so tune in next time for some decor from the road.


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  1. I also was upset when Domino stopped producing their magazine. I will have to go get their book, since it sounds amazing!

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