It’s French, Right?

Last weekend we attended the wedding of our friends, Kevin and Kim.  They were married at the Long Branch Saloon & Farms located just south of Half Moon Bay, CA.  The western themed venue was a wonderfully charming and unique setting for a wedding!

I always see weddings as a decorator’s version of a flash mob.  Place, time, decorate, dismantle.  From that standpoint, my favorite weddings are those with a theme woven into every detail.  It’s like decorating a home.  Start with a theme, tackle it as a cohesive unit, and pull all the details together.

Kev and Kim’s wedding location dictated the theme, and they went for it!  It was fantastic.  According to Kev, Kim applied her style and he did the spreadsheets.  It was straight out of the pages of Style Me Pretty, and then some.

Check it out!


This was our introduction to the wild-west extravaganza!


A wild-west town in the middle of the 21st century, complete with a chapel, saloon and western style card room.


This was not just a wedding, it was pure entertainment.  In addition to drinking and dancing, the post ceremony activities included gambling for prizes, “calf” roping, Ring the Bell, sling shot, archery, mini golf, and a photo booth with props.


This is the part I love most…all the little details.  Kim’s dress falls into this category, too.  It was perfection; western enough, yet totally modern.

My husband and I, of course, forgot to bring our camera to the wedding.  But fortunately, Kev and Kim set up a photo-sharing site so their guests could upload personal photos of the event.  I wish I could take credit for these great photos, but they’re courtesy of Kev and Kim’s friends and family…whew!

Congratulations to The Ser-vay-ohs!


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