Rustic Hippie

After Kev and Kim’s wedding we headed to Big Sur for a 3-day mini vacation.  We found an amazing (dog-friendly!) cabin through Vacation Rentals By Owner (  The owner, a telecommuting bond trader, and his wife built two cabins on their 12-acre property in the woods.  We had the pleasure of staying in one of the cabins, appropriately named Serenity.

Understandably, the community in and around Big Sur has a pretty big hippie vibe, a very “one with nature” lifestyle.    After all, it is the home to The Esalen Institute.  We first picked up on this vibe when we settled into Serenity.  I’ll call the décor, Rustic Hippie.  Exposed wood paneling, nothing but forest views, and banners reminiscent of college dorm rooms at The University of Oregon.  It was a relaxing and special place, and just what we were looking for.

…welcomes you.

The cabin.

Harmony.  Peace.  Love.  Happiness.

A room with a view.

I love lamp.

The bathroom was AWESOME…until it rained.

No, that’s not wallpaper.

Rustic Hippie may not be our style (despite being Oregon and Cal grads), but it made sense at the cabin.  Style and decor can easily be influenced by one’s surroundings, and in turn make a connection to the community.

Cassius connected with the Big Sur community in his own way.  Here he is being “one with nature”:

Tune in next time for The Best Nest…


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