The Best Nest

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve lived most of my life with a stereotype about people who decorate.  People like artists, designers and architects liked making their home look stylish and enjoyed decorating it; and people like doctors, lawyers and accountants didn’t care, didn’t know how or didn’t want to bother.  Happily, my friend Evelyn Best blew my stereotype to pieces.  She’s a lawyer, and she can decorate!

Evelyn and her musician husband rent the bottom level of a Spanish Colonial Revival style residence that’s perched on a cliff overlooking the beach.  And she definitely doesn’t let living in a rental hold her back from personalizing it.   She’s got an amazing canvas to work with, and paints it with style.   Her eclectic, yet cohesive, mix of furnishings only heighten the character of their unique apartment.  Evelyn draws inspiration from many things, and impressively brings it all home; no matter how big, how heavy, how intricate or how difficult to make.  And equally impressive, she does so for a steal!


 That awesome chandelier was inspired by a similar fixture Evelyn saw in a local restaurant.  She found a manufacturer to build and install it.  See, impressive.

That fabulous table was a score at an estate sale.  The white upholstery of the chairs and sofa connects you to the light, airy beach setting right outside those doors.

This regal chair was Evelyn’s gift to herself on her 30th birthday.  I love the pillow with it!

This gorgeous flush mount ceiling fixture was an antique market find.

Do any of you remember that (not for sale) swing bed in the Anthropolgie catalogue?  Evelyn found someone to make and install one for her!

She saw a similar heart sculpture on Apartment Therapy.  So, guess what?  She found someone to make and install one for her!

A gift from Musician Husband…fellas, take note.

Evelyn’s super sweet vanity and her solution to necklace organization…her closet rod!

This is where Musician Husband listens to records.

Their personal art gallery.  Love it!

Inspired?  Me, too.

Tune in next week for a Bit of Boo!…


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