Project Bedroom, Part II

Throughout this whole home decorating adventure, I’ve learned that Husband has opinions about our decor.  This of course means we don’t always agree on my ideas for the house.  But I’m learning to look at our disagreements as challenges; decorating puzzles to solve…especially when I lose the battle.  I can see now that concessions are OK; they make our home feel like ours not mine.  Often he just looks at me like, “Are you serious?  You want to do what?”, so it’s probably good that he keeps me on track.  Otherwise, we would probably own a black and white paisley chaise lounge (it would have been awesome!)

One of the first concessions I made when we moved into our place was whether or not to have a TV in our bedroom.  I was really against the idea…and what an eyesore it is!  So, here is my attempt to work the television into our bedroom decor.

Laying in bed…this is what we’ve been looking at.

Husband suggested we hang a collection of artwork like I did in the stairwell, but I saw the image below in my Domino book and immediately knew I wanted to hang a collection of our photos.  We have a computer full of snapshots from our travels that rarely see the light of day, yet make us so happy when we occasionally flip through them.  I’m really not into displaying personal photos around the house (I’d rather display artwork), but I thought if I hung the photos in an art-installation-kind-of-way then it might feel more like art than just a bunch of photos.

My initial inspiration, but a bit too casual for what I ultimately wanted.

Once I had decided to embark on this photo project, I started finding all sorts of other photo projects online that people were doing.  One of my favorites actually comes from a friend I went to college with and his girlfriend.  They’re photographers living in Portland, OR and posted this ridiculously cute video of their photo project on their blog.  Check it out!

I love how Whitney and Dave organized their photos by color, but I had envisioned using all black and white photos in my project.  Alas, another concession…Husband wanted color.  FINE!  Here’s my photo project, in color:

I employed the good ol’ wrapping paper trick again.  I decided to hang the photos horizontally at the same width as the TV to make the wall appear longer.

Lots and lots of IKEA frames.

This is about the time Husband’s words were resonating in my brain…”Are you serious?  You want to do what?”

O-M-G…I will never get these 2 billion frames to hang level.

After my power drill this is my favorite tool!

Measurements were off…Why didn’t I just buy some multi-opening frames from Pottery Barn??

This is it?  This is all I got done in one weekend?  And each one is crooked…nice.

I’ll call this the end of phase 1.  More photos will be hung, and mounting tape will be attached to the back of each frame to keep them straight.

It was an ambitious project, but I’m liking it…and so does Husband!  Unlike Dave and Whitney who did a little dance when they finished their project, I poured myself a stiff cocktail.

Tune in next time for my friend’s Bachelorette Pad…



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2 responses to “Project Bedroom, Part II

  1. Candace

    Neat idea! I like it!

  2. Danica

    Love it! And I think I have to agree with Dave about the color photos. They look great against the backdrop of all the neutrals.

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