The Bachelorette Pad

My friend Natalie is embarking on a new phase in her life, and needed a bright and happy place to call home.  She’s one of those people who is dialed into what’s hip and cool around town.  So, when she recently moved into a new apartment I couldn’t wait to visit and see what kinds of hip and cool decor I could soak up.

Her apartment is an upstairs unit of a lovely spanish style house located in an up-and-coming hipster neighborhood just south of Pasadena.  The apartment gets tons of natural light and is brimming with character.  She was skeptical about the chartreuse walls in the beginning, but it’s turned out to be the perfect neutral!

One of the wonderful things about decorating is how therapeutic it can be.  I think we all want to surround ourselves with things that make us happy and feel good, and the process of personalizing a space allows you to do just that.  Natalie’s new home is now filled with things she loves, things that tell a story, and things that make her happy.

Check out her new abode!

That table is a piece from an art installation by Ball-Nogues Studio.  See, cool and hip.

Check out that bird!!  A score at an Anthropologie sale.

That lovely piece of artwork was done by a family friend named Dan Douke.

I can’t get enough of her turquoise chairs!

Look at that gorgeous bed frame!..and I love those dancing skeletons above the bed.

Really cool piece of artwork, huh?

This is Footsie…She is awesome.  And so is that rug!

The perfect partition between the kitchen and laundry room.

Her milagros are so cool!

Not only does Natalie live in a great apartment, but it’s just blocks from the hip and cool gastropub, The York  (one of my favorite L.A. bars) and a handful of super stylish boutiques.  We stopped in at Platform where I instantly fell for these beautiful pit-fired ceramic owls.  They make me happy, and are right at home on our mantel!

Tune in next week for some Thanks from Home…


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