Decorating for Christmas (Day 2 + a glue gun)

The year my older sister was born my mom and grandma started a special Christmas tradition.  They decided they would give my sister a bell-shaped ornament every Christmas until she was ready to decorate a tree of her own.  One day she would have a large collection of ornaments to fill her tree; all gifts from Mom and Grandma.  My first Christmas brought me an angel-shaped ornament (for their little angel, ha!)  Now I have 30+ angel ornaments, and love pulling them out and taking the trip down memory lane every year.  Since Husband and I have decided not to get a Christmas tree this year, I used my angel ornaments to decorate a different kind of “tree”.

P.S. If you decide to start a similar tradition, be sure to write the year on each ornament!

In addition to our Christmas “tree”, I put a few more decorations together…

Here is the wreath we bought from our nephew’s scout troop (it was naked when I started).  I used my trusty hot glue gun to attach the bow I made and every one of those gold glitter snowflakes (and I have the burns on my fingers to prove it!)

In addition to my angel ornaments, my mom makes sure I have plenty of other angels for my collection.

Our Christmas table.

I decided to get my DIY on…Christmas flags!

And I finished wrapping all those frames!

Whew, decorating complete…now I should probably start shopping for Christmas gifts.

Tune in next time for Wishful Thinking!


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