Wishful Thinking

Husband asked me the other day for my Christmas wish list.  I know the truest answer is that I have everything I’ve ever wanted or needed.  But the constantly quantifying seven-year-old in me can’t help but launch into a long list of gift-value calculations.  I’m still working through the math, so Husband continues to wait for my list.  However, I do have a rolling list of items I’d like for the house.  I’m calling it my Wishful Thinking List because, well, once Husband sees the price of some of these items he’ll agree it’s an appropriate name.  I’ll stick with the holiday theme here and list just seven items, one for each day left until Christmas.

1.Kelly Wearstler Official Store, KELY-1002 Brass Legs, kellywearstler.com







1. Super fun brass legs from Kelly Wearstler.   They make me want to go swimming!

2. Limited edition Zag Tray from Up In the Air Somewhere.  Love!

3. Eames Molded Plastic Armchair from Room and Board.  Our dining table is looking bare with only four chairs.

4. Richard Nixon Throw from Jonathan Adler.  This would look fab on our bed…the couch, too!

5. Horchow “Knot” Mirror.  I’ve been eyeing this beauty since we moved in.

6. In a perfect world I would replace all our light fixtures with ones from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., but I’ll settle for this cool Graduate Lamp.

7. Quirky, I know, but charming the heck out of me…Stork Feet Pot Stand from Anthropologie.

I hope you chose wisely when making your Wish List (I mean if I had forgotten to put Guess Jeans on my wish list in the 5th grade, I probably would have died), and don’t be shy about making a Wishful Thinking List.  If nothing else, it’s a catalogue of your ideas and inspirations.  Merry Christmas!


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  1. Danica B.

    That knot mirror is gorgeous! Only you could rock a pair of brass legs. Your aesthetic kind of reminds me of this designer (although she’s much less eclectic):

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