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It’s a Celebration!

Last night, my dear friend Danica and I threw a We Think You’re Rad party for our girlfriends.  We filled Casa de Weekend Decorator with amazing friends, delicious food, strong cocktails and of course some fun decor.

When Husband and I moved into our place almost two years ago(!), my instinct was to entertain only when we finished decorating it.  Well, it’s finally crystal clear that continuing on that path will result in no visitors EVER.  In fact, that House Warming party?  Nope, still hasn’t happened.  I’m realizing, though, that our home decor will always be evolving and there is no need to make excuses for why it’s not finished yet.  In fact, Margaret Russell, Editor in Chief of Architectural Digest, just touched on this point in the February issue of the magazine.   She quotes Nina Griscom who says, “(Her apartment is) complete, but it is not finished, a word I cannot utter when it comes to decorating a home.”  And I now see how important it is to have people over while still in the process of decorating.  It shows me how people naturally want to use the space, and highlights what is missing or needs to be rearranged.  Last night, it was the chandelier over the dining table that is still missing and greatly needed!

Since party decorations were my responsibility, yesterday marked my first trip to the Los Angeles wholesale flower mart.  Very exciting!  Fresh flowers are essential for any party, so I did dawn patrol and snagged up some great blooms.  Here are some photos of the flower arrangements I had a blast putting together:




Good times, Ladies!

Tune in next time for the next project on the horizon…



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