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A Frame.

I would say our most valued home furnishings are works of original art.  Husband would probably say that he values the couch and bed most, but he would really mean the artwork is most important to him.  As a house warming gift my mom, the talented artist, gave us two of her amazing watercolor paintings.  A fantastic focal point for the upstairs!  We were also fortunate enough to be gifted, from our brother-in-law Chris, four original Shepard Fairey silkscreens of characters from The Godfather movies.  They’re the inspiration for our office decor!

It should be no surprise how important framing is to maintaining the integrity of artwork.  I made the mistake of taking a series of original drawings to a certain “big box” frame store recently.  Although the drawings look very nice, the framing just looks blah.  It does nothing to highlight the feel or detail of the drawings.  I’m never spending so much money on mediocre framing again!

Fortunately, a few years ago my mom was introduced to a framer in San Luis Obispo named Gail Johnson of Johnson Framing Studio.  Gail is an artist herself so she fully understands how framing should underscore artwork, not just encase it.  When we received the pieces from Mom and Chris, I knew I couldn’t do them a disservice by taking them to a “big box” framer.  Gail to the rescue!  All of the framing she’s done for my mom is flawless and beautifully chosen.  She was the only one I trusted to frame these pieces. And get this, she actually did historical research before she picked frames for our Godfather prints!  The results truly blew us away.

Here is the thoroughly impressive artwork and the equally impressive framing:

Now that we have The Godfather prints framed (the first step in our office transformation), we are tackling the rest of the room.  Stay tuned for our progress…


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