My husband and I purchased a town home in the Spring of 2010 in a charming beach community of Los Angeles.  At the time, our budget presented us with two options; single family fixer-uppers or newly built town homes.   There were pros and cons to both, but since we work full time and travel regularly the thought of a “project” house was exhausting.  So, we chose to go with a “turn key” property; a town home built in 2005.  A year later I laugh because since we moved in, we’ve done nothing but discuss and execute home improvement projects.  Granted, we’re mainly talking about aesthetic projects here, but an unending list of projects nonetheless.

I started this blog so my parents, who live 500 miles away, could see our progress on the house.  I think they would prefer a blog about our dog or plans for kids, but this will have to do.

I call myself a Weekend Decorator because I only have time to decorate on the weekends.  Sometimes my projects can get done in a weekend, but sometimes they’re 6 months in the making.  So, if you’re looking for 99 Decorating Projects You Can Do In a Weekend, you might be disappointed.  Occasionally I’ll post stuff that inspires me or projects my friends or family are doing.  My goal is to post bi-weekly at the least, but sometimes weekend life doesn’t involve decorating.  In any case, I hope you enjoy the fun!


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