It’s a Celebration!

Last night, my dear friend Danica and I threw a We Think You’re Rad party for our girlfriends.  We filled Casa de Weekend Decorator with amazing friends, delicious food, strong cocktails and of course some fun decor.

When Husband and I moved into our place almost two years ago(!), my instinct was to entertain only when we finished decorating it.  Well, it’s finally crystal clear that continuing on that path will result in no visitors EVER.  In fact, that House Warming party?  Nope, still hasn’t happened.  I’m realizing, though, that our home decor will always be evolving and there is no need to make excuses for why it’s not finished yet.  In fact, Margaret Russell, Editor in Chief of Architectural Digest, just touched on this point in the February issue of the magazine.   She quotes Nina Griscom who says, “(Her apartment is) complete, but it is not finished, a word I cannot utter when it comes to decorating a home.”  And I now see how important it is to have people over while still in the process of decorating.  It shows me how people naturally want to use the space, and highlights what is missing or needs to be rearranged.  Last night, it was the chandelier over the dining table that is still missing and greatly needed!

Since party decorations were my responsibility, yesterday marked my first trip to the Los Angeles wholesale flower mart.  Very exciting!  Fresh flowers are essential for any party, so I did dawn patrol and snagged up some great blooms.  Here are some photos of the flower arrangements I had a blast putting together:




Good times, Ladies!

Tune in next time for the next project on the horizon…



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What the Duck?

My absolutely favorite things in our home are those that we’ve inherited from family.  I love that they tell a story and are a continual reminder of loved ones.

My Grandpa George was an avid outdoorsman, fisherman, duck hunter, gardener, cactus enthusiast, craftsman and collector.  One of his treasured collections consisted of antique duck decoys.  I know, not something most people think of when they think of collecting, but when you grow up in my family duck decoys are an everyday object.  And I’ve come to learn some very interesting history about duck decoys (but I’ll skip the history lesson here.)  The point is I finally realized, after noodling over it for about a year, that the shelves in our dining room would be a perfect display space for some of Grandpa George’s decoys!  So, Dad pulled the collection out of the garage and let me choose (and dust off!) some beauties for our place.

In our dining room we have built-in cabinets and shelves on either side of the fireplace that have been in need of some attention.  When we moved in the built-ins matched our very orange kitchen cabinets (that I can’t wait to paint!)  To get an idea of what painting the kitchen cabinets would actually entail, I did a test drive on the built-ins.  I sanded, primed and painted…and nine or ten weekends later, we had lovely white cabinetry.  Yep, hiring someone to do the kitchen.

Here is my sand, prime, paint, decoy project:

Original color of cabinets (ugh).

Finally, white!  Ah.

Those owls aren’t scared.  Bring on the ducks!

Operation: Decoy Rescue

Right at home.

It means so much to me to have the decoys at home with us.  They conjure wonderful memories of my Grandparent’s house, and I think Grandpa George would be pleased.

Tune is next time for a little bit of party planning…woohoo!

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A Mountain Retreat.

Last weekend Husband and I were in Park City, Utah for a snowboarding trip and New Year’s celebration with friends.  We were invited to stay in an incredibly cozy mountain retreat nestled on a golf course not far from the ski resort.  In between eating, drinking and hot-tubbing I, of course, soaked in the decor.  True to the locale, and consistent throughout the house, the theme was Mountain Retreat all the way.  Here are some of my favorite highlights:

A mountain retreat would not be complete without an antler chandelier.

This was my favorite wall hanging in the house…I especially loved the gray wood paneled wall it was hanging on.

Now, boys, THIS is a rack!

This stool belongs in our house.  I want it.

I really like the contrasting cowhide and leather.  And good for a nap!

Antler lamp, expected.  Leopard print chairs, unexpected!  Yeah, it worked.

Just in case any horses strolled by.

Cassius lays like that sometimes…oh, yep, he’s doing it now.

Speaking of dogs…”Be the person your dog thinks you are.”  I love that!

And, here is the pièce de résistance.  How about that for Mountain Retreat?!

Many thanks to Sweet T for the sweet pad!

Tune in next time back home with me and our cozy city retreat…

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It’s Resolution Time…

Happy New Year to you all! But you know what this means, don’t you? Yep, it’s resolution time. I’ve got my usual list of diet, exercise and blah blah blah, but I also have a list of New Year’s resolutions for our home. Maybe since I’m putting it in writing I’ll actually stick to them (is that the secret?). Let’s give it a try, in no particular order:

1) Use coasters. Yeah, like these.

2) Use my Kitchen Aid mixer.

3) Buy more art. I mean, Buy Some Damn Art.

4) Make more art.

5) Throw a house warming party.

6) Throw any kind of party:









7) Recycle catalogues within a week.

8) Bring home house plants (and don’t kill them).

9) Bring home flowers.

10) Grow flowers.

11) Create a space that feels like this:










12) Frequent the local antique markets.

13) Fill the house with more music, and less TV. (Moves Like Jagger might just happen on a Tuesday night…and I’m not embarrassed to say it.)

14) Take more photos (aka better photos).

15) Light more candles.

16) Receive more packages like this:

Well, this is the plan anyway. Tune in next week to see how it’s coming along…

(Image credits: 6) SFGIRLBYBAY, 11) Erin Loechner, 15) AB Chao)

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Wishful Thinking

Husband asked me the other day for my Christmas wish list.  I know the truest answer is that I have everything I’ve ever wanted or needed.  But the constantly quantifying seven-year-old in me can’t help but launch into a long list of gift-value calculations.  I’m still working through the math, so Husband continues to wait for my list.  However, I do have a rolling list of items I’d like for the house.  I’m calling it my Wishful Thinking List because, well, once Husband sees the price of some of these items he’ll agree it’s an appropriate name.  I’ll stick with the holiday theme here and list just seven items, one for each day left until Christmas.

1.Kelly Wearstler Official Store, KELY-1002 Brass Legs,







1. Super fun brass legs from Kelly Wearstler.   They make me want to go swimming!

2. Limited edition Zag Tray from Up In the Air Somewhere.  Love!

3. Eames Molded Plastic Armchair from Room and Board.  Our dining table is looking bare with only four chairs.

4. Richard Nixon Throw from Jonathan Adler.  This would look fab on our bed…the couch, too!

5. Horchow “Knot” Mirror.  I’ve been eyeing this beauty since we moved in.

6. In a perfect world I would replace all our light fixtures with ones from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., but I’ll settle for this cool Graduate Lamp.

7. Quirky, I know, but charming the heck out of me…Stork Feet Pot Stand from Anthropologie.

I hope you chose wisely when making your Wish List (I mean if I had forgotten to put Guess Jeans on my wish list in the 5th grade, I probably would have died), and don’t be shy about making a Wishful Thinking List.  If nothing else, it’s a catalogue of your ideas and inspirations.  Merry Christmas!

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Decorating for Christmas (Day 2 + a glue gun)

The year my older sister was born my mom and grandma started a special Christmas tradition.  They decided they would give my sister a bell-shaped ornament every Christmas until she was ready to decorate a tree of her own.  One day she would have a large collection of ornaments to fill her tree; all gifts from Mom and Grandma.  My first Christmas brought me an angel-shaped ornament (for their little angel, ha!)  Now I have 30+ angel ornaments, and love pulling them out and taking the trip down memory lane every year.  Since Husband and I have decided not to get a Christmas tree this year, I used my angel ornaments to decorate a different kind of “tree”.

P.S. If you decide to start a similar tradition, be sure to write the year on each ornament!

In addition to our Christmas “tree”, I put a few more decorations together…

Here is the wreath we bought from our nephew’s scout troop (it was naked when I started).  I used my trusty hot glue gun to attach the bow I made and every one of those gold glitter snowflakes (and I have the burns on my fingers to prove it!)

In addition to my angel ornaments, my mom makes sure I have plenty of other angels for my collection.

Our Christmas table.

I decided to get my DIY on…Christmas flags!

And I finished wrapping all those frames!

Whew, decorating complete…now I should probably start shopping for Christmas gifts.

Tune in next time for Wishful Thinking!

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Decorating for Christmas (Day 1)

‘Tis the season…already?! But it’s 80 degrees outside! Not that I’m complaining.

Last year I made a very feeble attempt at decorating for Christmas. When I say feeble, I mean pathetic. I’m not sure I even wrapped a present. But this year, well, this year is different. Weekend Decorator must decorate for Christmas!

Husband and I have an ongoing disagreement about Christmas trees. I like them freshly cut (purely nostalgic), he likes them artificial (purely economical). Well, so, no Christmas tree this year. Probably for the best since white trees are all the rage (not nostalgic nor economical). But I still decided to decorate for Christmas anyway…tree or no tree.

Shortly after Halloween I started brainstorming about all sorts of wild decorations for our front porch. At one point I’d convinced myself that I wanted to build a wall of white poinsettias parallel to the front door. Fortunately I reeled it in and conceded that a wreath from my nephews hanging on the door would do just fine. Inside the house, however, I’ve embarked on a project that might just take me until Christmas to finish. Upon inspecting my progress, Husband remarked to Cassius, “Mommy is crazy.” Yes, maybe, but I kind of like what’s happening so far.

Remember this?

Now it’s a wall of presents!

How about that faux bois paper?! And who wouldn’t love that gold glitter paper?! All from Paper Source.

More holiday decor to come…once I finish wrapping the rest of those frames!

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