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Adventures in Wallpapering…again.

After my experience wallpapering the inside of our living room bookshelves (here), I concluded that I would probably hire a professional to do my future wallpapering projects.  But when Husband and I decided to wallpaper a wall in our home office , we decided to save money and do it ourselves.  After all, it was only one wall.  Plus, we blew our budget on the wallpaper.  So yeah, we could do it!

Husband and I were excited to get the wallpaper hung and embarked on this adventure with optimism…or so I thought.  Unfortunately, my husband’s friend Brian told him that wallpapering projects cause couples to get divorced.  So, instead of approaching the first run enthusiastically, Husband was a quaking ball of stress who could barely function for fear of messing up.  Thanks Brian.  We finally got all the paper hung (with the help of a bottle of wine) and are pretty proud of our work…and we still love each other!

Here goes:

Whew, OK, we can do this.
Our little helper.
The Don and Sonny approve.
Next step: ceiling paint.  I wanted it dark, Husband wanted it light…
We met in the middle with a Benjamin Moore color called Iron Mountain.
Cassius approves.
Stay tuned for the next step in our home office transformation!

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Adventures in Wallpapering

During the 80s and early 90s I recall that wallpaper was the go-to wall treatment for many homes.   In addition to the Laura Ashley floral explosions, there was a lot of teddy bears, Mallard ducks and baseball gear.  My first wallpaper memories start with the Strawberry Shortcake border lining the top of my pink bedrooms walls.  Once I grew out of my Strawberry Shortcake phase (not soon enough), I remember poring over books upon books of wallpaper samples with my mom at the local paint store.  Every year or two we would map out the next iteration of my bedroom décor, and it always seemed to start with wallpaper.

I come from a family of talented DIYers, which means my mom was the one who hung the wallpaper in our house.  The outcome was always tasteful and perfectly hung wallpaper, however, the execution was not necessarily a joyous occasion.  There was usually a lot of cursing involved.  There was also the time she sliced through a tendon in her finger while trimming wallpaper with an X-acto knife!  Needless to say, I entered into my first wallpapering project with great trepidation.

After about a twenty-year hiatus, wallpaper is the trend in wall treatments again.  But I think it’s back better than ever.  The graphic patterns and edgy images that you can paste onto your walls now, are really awesome.  (no ducks or baseballs!) The problem I have with the new trend, though, is that trends fade and wallpaper is a b*tch to remove.  So, I decided that wallpapering the inside of our bookshelves (they’re from IKEA by the way) would be a great way to indulge in the current trend in a non-committal sort of way.

I spotted our wallpaper years ago in an Anthropologie catalogue.  The wallpaper wasn’t for sale, it was just in the background of one of the sets.  But I HAD to find that wallpaper!  I finally tracked it down at Walnut Wallpaper http://www.walnutwallpaper.com.  (Yes, I have looked at every wallpaper style on that website at least twice and have an embarrassingly large stack of their samples.)

Here it is,  the wallpaper:

Here are some instructions from Design*Sponge:  http://www.designsponge.com/2008/03/before-and-after-ambers-bookshelves.html

And here is my wallpaper project:



 I happily made it through this project without cursing, and with all of my fingers intact.  But I will tell you, it was challenging enough to know that when/if I decide to wallpaper our powder room, I’m hiring a professional!

Tune in next time for A Decorator’s Guide to the Galaxy…


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